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Q3 Airwheel Personal Transport Scooter (260Wh Black)
Intelligent mini electric scooter, modern commuting aid
Fuzzy algorithm and aviation attitude control
Environment friendly lithium battery inside
Great power with low energy consumption

AirWheel Q3 Electric Dual Wheel Unicycle


• Runs for up to two hours (approximately 24-28 miles) on a single charge

• Fully recharges in just two hours

• Speed along at up to 15mph

• Powered by a rechargeable 340 watt lithium ion battery

• Suitable for children 14 years of age and above

• Weight restriction between 50kg – 100kg


What features does the Q3 have?

The AirWheel Q3 is a great dual wheeled electronic powered unicycle. Offering additional stability, the top speed of this unicycle is 15mph. The durable Q3 has a built-in carry handle and fold up foot pedals for inside buildings or steps. Turn, accelerate and break by leaning in the right direction with the intuitive control system and the automatic limiter will stop you speeding on downhill slopes.


What’s the maximum carry weight for the Q3?

With its hardy body, two 14 inch wheels, waterproof design and the ability to travel up to 28 miles the Q3 is a great AirWheel. It can take loads between 50kg and 100kg. Easy to charge using the supplied power lead, the internal rechargeable lithium ion battery needs just two hours to recharge for up to two hours of riding.

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