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Boot Sizing Chart

Boot Sizing Chart in stock

Sizing Motorcycle Boots
It’s easy to find the right shoe size, just follow the steps below and have fun. Remember to wear your normal riding socks and if you’re an all-year-round type you might want to make a bit of allowance for the winter woollies.
Sole Measurement:

Place both feet (in your normal riding socks) on a piece of paper and carefully draw the outline of each foot. Make sure you keep the pen pointing straight down to get a true outline! Then measure the lengths of both outlines from the top edge of your big toes to the back edge of your heel. If your two feet measure differently, take the longer of the two measurements and that’s your size – all measurements in centimetres (cms).

Boot & Shoe Sizing Chart
Your Order Size
Your Order Size
(Rain Overshoes)
UK Shoe Size Your Sole
Measurement (cm)
36   up to 23.0
37 XS 4-4½ up to 23.6
38 XS 5 up to 24.3
39 S up to 25.0
40 S 6-6½ up to 25.6
41 M 7-7½ up to 26.3
42 M 8-8½ up to 27.0
43 L 9 up to 27.6
44 L up to 28.3
45 XL 10-10½ up to 29.0
46 XL 11-11½ up to 29.6
47 XXL 12 up to 30.3
48 XXL 12½ up to 31.0